Welcome to my latest use of time, apparently mine and yours.  I’ve been encouraged by a number of different people to start blogging about some of my experiences, to share about my experiences and thoughts regarding new technology, and just to generally give people on Facebook a break.

I’m sitting in my hotel room in Las Vegas, taking in the full impact of the tournament my son is playing in and the related interplay of the adults that surround the team.  I’m looking forward to watching my son in goal in the morning and then hopefully being presented (along with his teammates) with a Bronze medal after another solid game.  I’m also looking forward to loading up the car and heading home to my wife and daughter, who I miss every time I head off to a hockey tournament.  Even the drive back from Las Vegas to Phoenix will be a welcome, relatively quiet chance to think.

Thinking.  Self-examination of where I am, how I got here, and where I go next–aside from home.

Thinking.  Consideration of who I am and what that really means to those around me–those closest and those more distant.

Thinking.  How hectic the coming work week is going to be with several of my colleague attorneys on vacation or medical leave.

Metacognition – thinking about thinking.

I hope you enjoy my various rants, raves, reviews, and general nonsense.  Feel free to let me know…or don’t.