So, as much as I’ve enjoyed the first weekend with my new Dell Inspiron 14 7000 Ultrabook (i5-4200U, 6gb, 1080p touch screen display, 500gb HDD), it’s time for some laptop surgery today. has been running a special on an Adata 256gb SSD drive ($149), so I decided to make my new laptop even quicker and ordered one to replace the HDD.  Having had a Microsoft Surface Pro, I got spoiled by the quick load and start times offered by a fast SSD.

I want to get the switch made tonight, so I can pleasantly ignore the install time tomorrow for Windows 8.1.  I’ll take some pictures of my surgery and post later. Everything I’ve read suggests this should be relatively simple.

What I really wanted to do was install an mSATA SSD in the apparently unused slot on the main board and keep 500gb HDD in for storage… But I’m not really comfortable pulling the entire laptop apart to do that, and is actually prefer the possible power savings of just having the SSD inside.

Last note on the laptop for now: I’m impressed with the battery life. I left the house yesterday with the battery at 93 percent. I used the laptop for taking client notes, answering a slew of emails, and browsing the internet.  Never actually powered down,  just closed the lid to put it in sleep mode. Got home last night after a 10 hour day and the laptop was so at 43 percent.

More on the laptop and associated project later.

Everyone have a great day!