Overall, last night was a productive practice for my son and his teammates.  A good deal of time was spent working on checking drills, both to teach the kids how to check and how to take a check.

On a interpersonal relationship level, I got to spend a little time talking to a couple parents I don’t normally talk with, which was nice, and had some time to horse around with my daughter.

Going to miss hockey practice tomorrow night for my son’s patent-teacher conference, but I’m going to have plenty of hockey this weekend to make up for that with ASU games Friday night (D2-Elite at 7:30, D2-Pac8 at 10), Saturday night (D2-Elite at 7:30) and Sunday afternoon (D2-Pac8 at 1:10), plus my son’s practice Saturday morning, plus youth games to scorekeep on Saturday afternoon right before ASU and Sunday morning.  Sometime this weekend I’ll get some sleep…