Apparently my educated guess about the proper physical size of an SSD for my Dell Ultrabook was wrong…

I sat down last night to at least get the hard drive cloned over to the SSD.  While struggling with getting and installing the free cloning software (included with the SSD in spirit only), I decided to do a little Google search for hints and tips for installing the drive.  It took me about 60 seconds to discover that Dell decided to go with a newer, far more rare 5mm height drive bay. Not a 12.7mm… Not a 9.5mm… Not a 7mm like the drive I bought… 5mm.  Delightful.

Off to I went to set up an RMA to return the SSD…Yeah, not happening. Newegg’s policy on SSD drives is replacement for defective units only–no full-on refunds. A great idea that wasn’t meant to be… I guess I’ll put the SSD in my desktop computer for video editing purposes.

I’m not completely giving up on the project though. I can still install an mSATA SSD card onto the motherboard. However, that would require almost completely disassembling the laptop…and another $180-200 for an mSATA SSD.  I think I’ll wait and ponder that one for a while.