That just took too long. I started the upgrade at 6:50am, it downloaded until I left for work at 7:30, then I had no wifi access at work again, picked up downloading around 3:30 at home… and it finally finished downloading around 8pm… and the install overall finished at 10:45pm.  I know the download was over 3.5gb, but still.

I’ll try and play with some of the new features during downtime today at work, and let you all know what I think.  If nothing else, at least the upgrade was free.

My next challenge is to find the best way to use my laptop to play music for ASU hockey games when Oceanside’s wifi is weak/nonfunctional. There is no Google Music app for Windows 8/8.1, and the web app doesn’t allow you to download your music for offline play. For now, my bandaid solution is BlueTracks — a Windows app that creates an Android virtual machine within a window… so I pinned my hockey playlist to my virtual Android device as a backup.

Time to start thinking about my real, paying job. More techno thoughts later… Thinking about trying out an 8 inch Windows 8.1 tablet…or maybe the new Nexus 7…