Yes, I know I tend to change cell phones quickly–but no, I have not yet tired of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet in my holster…

Actually, after a couple weeks of use, I find that the Note 3 really doesn’t seem that big to me.  For most things, my smaller hands and stubby fingers are still big enough to operate the phone one-handed.  The screen is gorgeous and bright, even set down to only 30-35 percent brightness.  The battery life is wonderful–even with my moderately heavy use at work (even more now that I’m laptop-less for a couple weeks), I’m able to get through the entire work day with still around 45-50 percent of the battery remaining–and that’s factoring in the daily routine of my phone having to beg the hospital’s wireless for a connection–constantly checking for an opening for sometimes an hour or two or more.

I still haven’t really played with many of the “S” features on the phone.  I use the stylus and Active Note to occasionally jot down a note or two.  I’ve used the camera to take a few pictures and a couple videos at the rink.  I’ve turned off most of the “Air” features, as I don’t really see myself using them (I may try them one or two at a time if I get bored in the next couple days…).

I’ve even ordered my first official accessory for the Note 3–a wireless charging back.  With that piece snapped on (in place of the regular back), I’ll be able to use the Qi wireless charging unit (from the old HTC Windows Phone 8x) to charge my phone by simply putting the phone down on the pad on my desk at work.  I’m still waiting to find the right case for the phone–praying daily that I don’t damage the phone in the meantime.  Otterbox is coming out with two cases–but as much as I like the protection Otterbox cases provide, they make it more difficult to touch the edges of the screen, sometimes making “gesture” typing (since I’m using the native Samsung keyboard right now instead of Swype) more challenging.  I also want to try and find a case that is holster-friendly, as the 5.7″ Note 3 is a bit tricky to fit in my pocket–and I don’t really like pocketing my phones anyhow.

Well, time to head to work.  My thoughts on the new iPad Mini with Retina screen and the iPad Air later…