So, as I related earlier this week, I decided to return the Dell Inspiron, defects and all, and spring for what I originally wanted: the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. I was able to order a nicely spec’d unit (i5-4200U/8gb RAM/256gb SSD) for a great deal.  Knowing I’d likely have to wait a week or two to get the refund from Dell, I was fine waiting an extra week or so to get the more colorful “Tangerine”-colored model.  My original shipping date was October 30th, with expected delivery on or before November 6th.

Thursday morning, on a whim, I decided to check my order status. The sales rep had told me the unit could potentially ship earlier, so I might as well check, right? Here’s what I found:

Yes, you read that right (thanks to my Note 3’s ability to cut and paste using the stylus 🙂 ), an additional two week delay. I ordered the Yoga 2 Pro on 10/21 and would now apparently have to wait until exactly one month later to get it: delivery expected 11/21.  After Googling to see if this happened to others too (it did), and hearing that some people actually got extras thrown in as a thank you for not canceling orders, it was time to go to the Lenovo website to have a little chat with a sales rep. (Side note: kudos to Dell for working very quickly and applying my refund before the laptop even made it back to their doorstep.)

First rep told me that the delay was due to unexpectedly high demand for this new product. When I told her I was contemplating just ditching the order and going with something else (read: someone else’s product), the only carrot she could offer me was a $25 credit towards accessories. When I told her I’d think about it, she was nice enough to provide her direct email address, in case I wanted to take her up on the offer.  I thanked her and went back to getting a little work done.

A few minutes later, I decided to try my luck with (hopefully) a different agent.  I pinged a Lenovo rep again, asked basically the same questions, but this time included asking about expedited shipping.  In the process, I discovered that the units are apparently made-to-order in a factory in China (which I somehow doubt, at least the made-to-order part as this was a standard choice SKU, as Lenovo doesn’t seem to do custom orders), so there really isn’t a way to speed up shipping since it’s shipped directly from China to me (with a brief [?] stop for coffee and a bagel with US Customs). More importantly, this rep told me that my order was still set to be fulfilled from the warehouse (still in China) on or before October 30th, likely to be received on or before November 6th.  The new dates are their “long dates,” given ‘just in case’ there are additional delays. He apologized for the website not making that more clear, but as it appeared there was no actual additional delay to my order, he couldn’t offer me anything additional as compensation.  I waited a little while and pinged a rep one more time, and got the same information again (and same lack of a make-good offer).

What to do?  Two of the three reps told me my product would still likely ship when originally told, so there’s at least a solid chance that there won’t be any additional delay. I tried to find more reviews of the Yoga 2 Pro, but aside from a few short reviews on and a couple Lenovo message boards (and a handful of hands-on reviews of pre-production units from early September when the product was officially announced), I couldn’t find anything thorough.  I started to think about maybe dumping the Yoga 2 Pro order and going to a Surface Pro 2, but I’d have to settle for a more moderately-spec’d unit (4gb RAM/128gb SSD) to keep within roughly the same budget. I thought about spending the extra cash and getting the similarly spec’d SP2, but having already increased my budget almost $300 to get the Yoga, I couldn’t see going up another $350 for the nicer SP2.  I even considered going with a larger, chunkier laptop for less money and then just getting something like the Surface 2 for media consumption and hockey road trips, but in the end figured that’d probably turn out more expensive (and started having flashbacks to my week last year playing with a Surface RT).

So, what do you all think?  Am I making the right decision to wait for the Yoga 2 Pro (and emailing that original rep tomorrow morning to get the $25 credit towards, oh, a new messenger bag-style laptop case), or should I go another direction?  (Before my Mac friends chip in, I did briefly look at the latest MacBook Air 13, but decided I really like the touch screen, and after two previous extended looks at Mac laptops (an older MacBook a few years ago and a MacBook Pro Retina earlier this year), I’m just more a Windows PC (and Android phone and tablet) guy.

More later…Off to Flagstaff now to watch my son’s team play hockey… 🙂