Those of you who know me personally (whether you really want to or not :)) know that, on top of my day job, I am the public address voice of the ASU Sun Devils hockey teams.  ASU competes in the American Collegiate Hockey Association, or ACHA, “club” hockey league.  Yeah, I know–it’s not the NCAA.  They don’t play the “big boys” of the Upper Midwest and Northeast.  There are many reasons for that, and perhaps I’ll cover those in a future post, but for now, it is what it is.

For the past three years, ASU’s Division 1 hockey team has consistently been in the top 10 among ACHA Division 1 programs.  Last season, for the first time in the school’s history, ASU D1 Hockey spent a number of weeks as the #1-ranked ACHA D1 team in the country.  ASU went to Nationals last season in Chicago (hosted by Robert Morris-Illinois) and made it to the “Frozen Four” of the ACHA.  The sun, student life, and a growing reputation for an outstanding hockey program give ASU a huge recruiting angle–which is impressive in it’s own right as the program is not officially sponsored or supported by the university, and does not draw NCAA-based scholarships for it’s students.

ASU is currently spending it’s second week of the relatively young season at #1 again, undefeated as of this writing with a record of 16-0-0.  ASU D1 has spent most of the season leading the ACHA in scoring and goaltending, led by stalwarts like team captain Colin Hekle (#15) and Kale Dolinsky (#17),, newcomers like Sean Murphy (#13) and ACHA-leading goaltender Robert Levin (#35), and veteran netminder Joe D’Elia (#1).

Not only is ASU Hockey strong, exciting, fun hockey–it’s also CHEAP hockey.  Where else can you go watch high level hockey talent, be close to the ice, and pay no more than $15 per ticket?  Most ASU D1 games are only $10 for adults, $7 for ASU students, and $5 for kids (games against rival UofA are a little higher).  D2 games–yes, we have two solid D2 teams also–are only $5 per person, and feature similarly strong, entertaining hockey action.

Check out the ASU Hockey website and see what it’s all about.

Feel free to drop by and say hi–I’m almost always there, announcing the game from the scorer’s booth between the penalty boxes.  Bring lots of friends, you (and they) won’t regret it!