Last Friday, I decided to replace my son’s recently deceased OEM Beats earbuds (he got a good four months out of them–not bad for $13 shipped) with my LG Tone+ bluetooth buds, and get something new. I looked around and decided to try the new Motorola Buds bluetooth earbuds.

Early results are good, but I’ve only used them for about half an hour.  I’ll do a full write-up after putting them through their paces on our Minnesota trip this weekend.

The LG Tone+ set provided quality audio, decent bass, and pretty good battery life (6-7 hours minimum used on a moderately high volume). The drawback for me was the flimsy feel of the wires connecting the earbuds to the behind the neck transceiver.  I was always worried that I’d pull them out of my bag to find the earbuds truly wireless.

I’m also looking for a chance to pick up the new Sol Republic Tracks HD Wireless bluetooth cans… Maybe I should crowdsource to raise money to buy technology for me to review…