Yes, Friday has arrived.  Time to look forward (though not too forward) to a busy weekend of softball announcing (four games tomorrow and one on Sunday), the AHU Awards Ceremony (I’m emceeing the event), and some quality time with Cynthia and Aviela.

Those of you that know me personally are probably asking: What?  No hockey scorekeeping?  No.  While being in the scorer’s booth for those first couple weeks after Micah passed was a helpful distraction, the more time I spent in the booth, the more looking out towards nets not minded by Micah started to sting.  I had committed to working the Phoenix Knights Junior A games last weekend, but I decided that, after those games, I was going to take a break from the rink for a while.  I went onto the scheduling website and blocked the entire month of March and a solid portion of April.  I figured that I didn’t really need the cash and I’d rather spend some quality time with Cynthia and Aviela on my evenings.  Don’t worry though–I’m not done with hockey, just taking a much-needed breather.

Today has been a struggle.  Lingering feelings from yesterday plus a restless night’s sleep combined with preparing for the AHU event on Sunday have equated to more thinking about everything Micah is missing, and all the activities that I’m missing Micah.  This morning, I had a number of work-related issues to tend to, helping me keep somewhat focused, but as the work questions tapered off, I found myself sitting at my desk, tears welled up in my eyes, just staring at my work email.  It was at that moment that I decided that I needed to journal something today.

I know–not as deep as last night.  Just missing Micah…

The good news is, I still feel like doing some writing, so here comes a tech blog entry!


Thanks for reading!