Today was a quiet day–at least in terms of my thoughts on my son.  I was sufficiently busy that I did not have much time to let my thoughts and emotions wander.

I have begun to look at next hockey season in earnest now, the first season that I will be involved without Micah’s gear in my trunk.  Apparently last night’s AAHA (Arizona Amateur Hockey Association) State Board meeting including some colorful discussions about the future of the AZYHL (Arizona Youth Hockey League), a league which I have co-chaired for it’s first two years in existence, and co-directed its predecessor, the SIHC (Southwest Independent Hockey Cooperative), the prior two seasons.  My co-director of the last two seasons has recently resigned for a variety of reasons, so it appears that by not stepping down myself, I have become the sole chairman of the AZYHL Committee.  So, I guess that answers part of my question for next season.  🙂

I have also been asked to continue working with the Arizona Hockey Union, as well as the three ASU ACHA hockey teams next season.  So, I guess I will be able to keep as busy as I’d like…

My real challenge this Fall will be not letting my hockey commitments overwhelm my need to be with my wife and daughter.  Now that I don’t have to be at the rink four or five nights a week, I would really like to spend a lot more quality time at home, also perhaps at the health club getting in better shape.  This will mean having to do something that I really don’t like to do: tell people that want my help NO.  I like helping people.  I like being part of something bigger than myself.  My family will be the first bigger thing.  Hockey will come second.

What does this mean?  Well, for starters, I probably will not be doing much youth hockey scorekeeping in the near future.  If I’m going to be spending Friday and Saturday nights (and the occasional Sunday morning) at an ice rink announcing the Knights or the Sun Devils ACHA teams, and parts of a night or two per week at the rink working with AHU, there won’t really be much time for additional duties like scorekeeping.  I won’t give it up completely–I do enjoy scorekeeping, and I know lots of families really like hearing my voice when their kids play–but there will be fewer games.  I will also likely stop working most tournament games, save a few Championship Sunday/Monday games.

See how easy it is for me to get buried in what I’m doing?

But wait…there’s more…