So, I’ve found that writing nightly blog entries here has been very therapeutic for me–and a great way to summarize and wrap-up my thoughts from the just-concluded day.

Tonight I’m actually pretty tired, so this will be relatively short… (Which for me, granted, will still be longer than your average Wall Street Journal article…)

Had a long day today, all over the Valley, three-sport marathon…but got to spend most of the day with my daughter.  We started out this morning with a drive to the Peoria Sportsplex for the AZ Royals/IHAAZ Inline Hockey Festival.  Naturally, we walked in and when I asked if there was anything I could do to help out–I was asked if I would announce while I was there.  So, being me, I asked the rink owner for the wireless mic, ran over to the scorer’s booth, and spent the next two hours announcing goals and penalties for the crowd.  Aviela, kind of bored sitting across the rink from me, decided to make her way around the visitor’s bench and joined me, hanging out in the visitor’s penalty box.  Got some nice pictures of Avi in the box as she pretty actively watched the games in front of her.  It was a very nice, sweet moment for us.

After catching up with a few friends, Avi and I hopped in the car and drove from West Side to East Side for the Diamondbacks-Rangers game at Salt River Field.  It was a fun couple hours–but the Diamondbacks patio isn’t the best place to sit and watch a game with a large crowd of people.  The Diamondbacks folks were great, the food was good…and before we knew it, it was time to leave for Farrington Field for my afternoon PA gig with the ASU softball team.

It was a pretty good softball game, but nothing like a two-out, top of the seventh inning two-run go-ahead homer to spoil the day.  ASU fell to Arizona, 5-4.  I headed home…

Now, after a nice dinner with Avi, it’s time to hit the sack and get a good night’s sleep before getting up at 4am to head back over to Peoria for a morning of roller hockey scorekeeping…

Days like this are nice from the perspective that I don’t have much time to focus on loss and grief.  Not that I can ever truly escape those things, but it was really nice to focus on Avi today.  Sure, we talked a bit about Micah–especially while we were at the roller festival this morning–but it was calm and peaceful.

Good night everyone.  More tomorrow…I feel a tech article coming on…