Two steps forward, three steps back…

The weekend actually began on Thursday night.  Looked good–we were going out to Gila River Arena as guest of the Arizona Coyotes for Micah and myself to be honored.  Micah was posthumously being given a Player of the Month Award (Avi offered to stand in for Micah), and I was being honored as an “Unsung Hero” of local youth hockey for my work for the Arizona Hockey Union.

You know how sometimes there are little signs that things might not be heading in a good direction?  I think we got a loud and clear sign on Thursday afternoon, as we sat in traffic for nearly TWO HOURS to get to Gila River Arena.  Traffic plus accidents plus–plus whatever else equaled leaving home at 4:20pm and getting to Gila River Arena at 6:15pm.

As Aviela and I waited down in the VIP lounge beneath the stands for the first intermission presentations, I got a call from my sister-in-law.  I ignored the first call–figuring I could just call her back later, after the presentations.  When she called a second time, I knew I had to answer.  She was very upset, crying, and saying that Cynthia needed me right away.  I asked if Cynthia was okay–yes, she was, but Paul, Cynthia’s 28-year old nephew, was dead.

2016 sucks.  Just as you think the change of seasons may help you move forward–yeah.

I won’t go into the nitty gritty from Thursday night, but Friday morning came and we were all, again, a complete mess–but especially Cynthia.  She had a very special relationship with her nephew, and now he too was gone.

It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling over the past couple weeks.  Every little thing will send me over the  edge–or at least walking right on the crumbling ground at the edge.  We decided to do a couple things Saturday to help us relax and try to enjoy life.  First up, we decide to go see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 31 rating on Rotten Tomatoes and all.

Batman v Superman?  Eh.  It’s a popcorn flick–a very loud assault on the senses popcorn flick.  I guess that’s to be expected when it’s put together by the gentleman that brought us 300 and Watchmen, Zach Snyder.  Does it say something that my favorite two characters in this movie together had maybe 25 minutes of screentime?  Jeremy Irons as Alfred and Gal Gadot at Diana Prince/Wonder Woman.  She’s badass and clearly not going to take shit from anyone.  As much as I grew up with Lynda Carter as the television version of Diana Prince and appreciate her interpretation, I think Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman kicks Lynda’s rear.

So, popcorn, loud, fun, action, fights…then comes the last 10 minutes of the movie.  I won’t give away too much, but there’s an extended funeral scene…and, yeah…lights out for David.  It was not that the funeral scene was overly emotional of its own right–there wasn’t that much emotion texture to this movie as a whole–it was watching a funeral with someone’s beloved being laid to rest, and it hit too close to home.  I had to sit and watch the credits–not because I was expecting a Marvel-esque stinger after the credits (I quickly looked it up at the end of the movie and discovered there was no post-credits scene), but because I needed a few minutes to compose myself to leave the theater.

After a nice dinner with some good friends, it was time for Cynthia, Avi and I to see another one of Micah’s favorite musicals: Jersey Boys.  Unlike the production of The Producers we say, Jersey Boys was actually very well done.  The actors were superb, especially the guys portraying Frankie, Tommy DeVito, and Bob Crewe.  (Not to say the other’s weren’t good, but those three stood out–even compared to the movie cast.)

No, the problem wasn’t the show.  The show was very entertaining.  The problem was two-fold.  First, even though the death of Frankie’s daughter Francine seemed a little more glossed-over in the stage version of the show than the movie–the hit to me was just as real.  Here was Frankie dealing with the untimely death of his very talented daughter, a singer herself, Francine–and here was David still trying to cope and deal with the untimely death of his own very talented, singing and goaltending son, Micah.  Again–for the second time in less than six hours, I took a strong blow to the gut–and the heart.

The second issue for all of us was that as much as we wanted to see this, knowing/hoping that Micah would be right alongside to watch the show with us, the fact that he was not actually there in the flesh was a painful reminder.  Aviela took it especially hard–we were watching a play that Micah would have not only wanted to see himself, but probably would have wanted to audition for the role of Frankie Valli.

What a melancholy day.  It was also in the back of my mind, as we watched Jersey Boys, that our first attempt to see the show, this time with Micah there in person, was that fateful trip to Las Vegas in early December–Ticketmaster screwup and lack of customer service led to us sitting outside the theatre for the first 90 minutes of the show before being told they’d issue a refund.  That weekend?  Yes, that Sunday was the day Micah broke his clavicle–he would never play another hockey game.

Those feelings bled over into today.  I got a couple texts regarding hockey matters for next season’s team, and I just couldn’t deal with them.

Just to put the cherry on top… We finally picked up the mail from yesterday.  What was inside?  Oh, a little recall notice for my car.  So what?  Well, this wasn’t just any recall notice.  It was a warning that the defect that the recall was for could be lethal.  Apparently the “Takata Airbag Deployment” system was defective and an excess of pressure build up in the driver’s side airbag could cause the inflation system to malfunction and essentially explode, sending sharp metal debris through the airbag, “causing serious physical injury or death to the driver or passengers in the vehicle.”  Yeah, this was not good.  But here’s my favorite part: the parts necessary for the recall work will be “available in Summer 2016.”  So, umm, you just told me that I could be driving a deathtrap, but you can’t actually repair the issue for another 3-5 months?  There was a mention in the recall notice that I can talk to my local dealership about “procuring or reimbursement for alternative transportation.”

So, Honda is going to give me a loaner or rent me a car for the next, oh, 3-5 months?  I can’t wait to pull into the Honda dealership tomorrow morning at 7:30am to hear their plan.  Frankly, I’m kind of wondering how much effort they’re going to put into rebuilding the airbag deployment system for a car that is no longer in production (the Insight’s last model year was 2014).  Wonder how impossible it would be to convince them to just trade the Insight in for a new car, wiping out the difference between the trade-in value (likely greatly reduced by the severity of the current recall issue), and letting me drive out with a similar payment on something new.  Civic Hybrid would be nice–and the closest thing on their lot to my car.

Sorry–in my current frame of mind, I tend to ramble from topic to topic…

Until the next blog entry…

Box.jpgThe unboxing coming soon…