Sometimes it’s the things that are supposed to calm and help heal you most that cause the greatest tears.  I had my first individual grief counseling session today.  The therapist was great.  He had his say and helped direct things, but he let me talk.  I suppose that’s where the trouble started…

Don’t get me wrong.  It was therapeutic.  I got things off my chest.  But the thing about grief is that you can get thoughts “off your chest” — only momentarily.  Those thoughts and memories stick with you.  Like a boomerang, no matter how far off your chest you manage to heave those memories and thoughts, they’re coming back at you pretty quickly.  I suppose that’s good.  I need my memories, both the good and the bad.  The joyful and the painful are both part of who Micah was–the human being that was the son I loved so much.

No other deep thoughts tonight, just a desire to sleep.  Good night everyone.  Good night Micah.