37 times each day
I think of everything I don’t have
Without my 37.

37 emotional swings
While I rest
While I bathe
While I dress
While I eat
While I drive
While I read, research and write
While I think
While I remember
How much I love my 37.

37 hockey thoughts
From 37 hockey players
Asking if they can wear 37
Asking if they can remember 37
Asking what they can do to help us remember 37
Our lives are not the same without 37.

37 chords
37 beats
37 notes
37 musicals
37 smiles
37 grins
37 tests on microphone 19
37 silent moments.

In the end,
37 is in my closet
37 is in my email address
37 is in my heart
37 is in my soul
37 verses are not enough to remember his loss
37 condolences do not bring him back
37 hopes
37 loves