Time is somewhat limited this morning, but here goes…

Started off the day standing in a moderate line to get our family photo taken with Alex Kingston, River Song herself.  Unfortunately, with so many people wanting to take pictures with Ms. Kingston, there was little time to talk.  😦  We got to say hello, she said hello, complimented Avi on her little Neko ears, and off we went.

First panel on the day was a 40-year flashback (umm, yeah–so I was only five…) to the Bionic Days of yesteryear.  Phoenix Comicon brought out Lindsay Wagner and Lee Majors.  Considering how much time has gone by, both looked fantastic, especially Lindsay.  I missed a good chunk of the panel while we were in line for our picture with Alex Kingston, but what I did get to hear was informative and entertaining.


What would Comicon be without a Doctor Who actress with an incredibly bright, room-filling smile?  Following Lindsay and Lee was Billie Piper, Doctor Who’s Rose Tyler.  I actually think there was light coming from her smile–it was that electric.  She told lots of interesting tales about her time on Doctor Who, kissing David Tennant, and how icky it is to be covered in “blood” for her role in Penny Dreadful.  Fortunately, there were no pictures of the last bit… 🙂

After lunch, there was one more person I had to see: Caity Lotz.  Another radiant actress, Sara Lance/White Canary from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow.  My time got cut short by circumstances, but she was definitely very into the crowd.  Unfortunately, there was at least one member of the crowd that decided to get a little too into her–what possesses someone to grab the microphone and ask a young woman on stage what her sexual orientation is?!  Seriously–he asked her if she was “straight, bi, lesbian?”  She kept composure and basically just told him she was pleading the fifth and it was really none of his business (she didn’t say that exactly–but close).

Back to Phoenix Comicon today to get Maurice LaMarche’s autograph, maybe have him say a few words for me, and to see Alex Kingston’s panel.  More pictures coming tonight!