WHAM!  (I think I’ve watched Deadpool way too many times already…)

Riding the waves.
Up and down.
Happy to elated to warm
To calm to sad to devastated and speechless.

Life gets busy.
Distractions become plentiful.
Sadness is held at bay
By calm neutrality
Peaceful commotion
A hubbub of hush.

One image.
One quick glance.
One thought of the missing piece.
The wave flattens out,
The lone body watches as the surf builds above, instead of below.

Sitting at the desk
Staring at the story of another life:
A parent who has also suffered a loss,
But a loss caused by illness: his own.
A loss caused by selfish acts, not selfless.
A technical loss–not one of death or passing,
But one of legality and custody.

Do these parents not understand what they give up?
What they throw away?
Is the power of addiction–whatever addiction that may be
Greater than the power of love for their own children?
What I wouldn’t give,
What I wouldn’t do,
To visit with my son
To bring him a meal
To go to a class to learn how to better love and care for him
To travel to the ends of the Earth
If it only meant I could have him back in my arms again.

A careless whisper.
Not meant to offend,
Not meant to annoy,
Not meant to hurt or cause sorrow.
Just a couple words
That wound by their use and combination.
Just a couple words
That cause the wave to crash down on top of me.
Just a couple words that cause
A loss of balance,
A loss of perspective,
A loss of composure,
A loss of speech.