Such an emotional evening.  Memories that surfaced while I was at the rink to score a couple adult league games…

Today, one of my favorite musicians celebrated his 78th birthday.  His music is at once relaxing, calming–purifying, and yet I’m in tears listening to it.  The memories of listening to Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, playing on the turntable in the living room while I put my head on the pillow, preparing for the night’s rest.  My father humming or gently singling along with this gentle musician’s album.  Falling asleep to the combined melody of Cat and my father…

No great surprise that Yusuf Islam has always had a special place in my music library.  When Cynthia and I sat down, many years ago, to create a music video of Micah playing, running, laughing…it had to be created with the soundtrack of Yusuf Islam’s Moonshadow.

Moonshadow is one of those songs that I cannot now hear without tearing up.  I can close my eyes and watch the video replay in my head–Micah running through the field, Micah playing on the slide, the song ending while Micah came down the stairs and said, simply, “Goodbye!”

…and the goodbye makes the journey harder still… (Oh Very Young)

Happy Birthday Yusuf Islam.  May your music still be heard by my son, at peace.