Here we are, right in the middle of Presidents’ Day Weekend.  Am I relaxing and enjoying the three-day weekend?  No.  I’ve extended my weekend to four days.  Am I relaxing and enjoying the four-day weekend?  No…I’m keeping insanely busy, as always.

Not to say that there haven’t already been parts of this weekend that I haven’t enjoyed–there have been.  I enjoyed talking to a close hockey family this morning at the rink.  I enjoyed working with some of my favorite people during a couple fun, competitive hockey games.  I especially enjoyed my time at Farrington Field and Phoenix Municipal Stadium announcing collegiate softball and baseball games (more on those later).  But–I was up at 4:15am on Friday and have been running every since.

Spending time with friends at the rink can be a double-edged razor for me, depending where I’m at emotionally.  Today was a bit of a challenge: lots of Micah memories flooding my conscious thoughts, lots of discussions that brought up more memories, more feelings of regret and loss.

But now, I’m exhausted.  I have another long day tomorrow, another short turnaround tomorrow night into Monday morning, and the fatigue is already starting to haunt me.

I’ll write more tomorrow evening or Monday, when things are a little calmer.  For now, hug your loved ones and keep them close.  And yes, you can hug me when you see me too, I don’t mind.