I admit it.  I can sometimes be a drama queen.  Especially in recent times, with my emotions often slightly (?) imbalanced, I do have a slight tendency to exaggerate things–again, especially emotional reactions.

My morning started on a downbeat note.  Not feeling particularly happy–still in that misguiding haze from the weekend, I pulled myself out of bed and went about the business of getting ready for work.  As I sat at the office desk putting a couple emails together, Avi started playing her current favorite soundtrack: Beauty and the Beast.  She got “stuck” on one song…

Have you ever heard a song that your mind tied directly to a specific memory?  It could be a place, a time, a person.  For example, I cannot hear the 1989 Mike and the Mechanics song, “Living Years” without being transported back to the Houston Airport in July, 2006.  I received a call from my brother telling me that my father was not doing well, and he (my brother) did not think my father had more than a week or two left.  My father’s health had never been the best (weighing 350+ pounds for the majority of the last 40 years of his life had that unfortunate side effect), but over the previous week or two, he had gotten steadily worse.  I made plans to hop a flight the next morning to Chicago to see my father.  On very short notice, and having only been an attorney (a public defender at that) for about seven months, I couldn’t afford a normal last minute flight.  My sister-in-law’s husband worked for Continental Airlines and offered to let me use one of his buddy passes for the flight.  Because Continental did not, at that time, offer direct flights from Phoenix to Chicago, I had to fly to Houston and then connect on a flight from Houston to Chicago.  When we touched down in Houston, I turned my phone back on and saw the message light flashing.  My heart and stomach dropped.  The message was from my brother–my father had passed away while I was in the air heading to Houston.

I wasn’t there that morning
When my father passed away.
I didn’t get to tell him
All the things I had to say.

Ever since that day, I cannot listen to this song without choking up or crying outright, thinking about my father.

This morning, Aviela was listening to Evermore, Beast’s ode to Belle as she galloped away to try and save her father from the villagers.  Most of the song doesn’t really fit, but then there’s this lyric…

Now I know she’ll never leave me
Even as she fades from view.
She will still inspire me,
Be a part
everything I do.

My mind easily substituted “he” for “she”, and it was my thoughts on Micah.  Now, every time I hear that song, I tear up thinking about Micah.  As you can see, the tone for my day was set early…

After a relatively uneventful morning at work, I headed over to the softball stadium to call the ASU-Oregon State softball game.  A beautiful afternoon for softball, but my mind was elsewhere…  Still, game finished in just under two hours, and my day rolled on.

Tonight was the ASU Gammage Theatre’s 2017-18 Subscriber Preview night.  All I knew going in was that they would give us the first official announcement of the shows for next season and a few “special performances.”  The presentation went on for a little under an hour and a half and included three performances from current touring cast members of shows coming to Gammage next season: a young (10-11?) lady from the show Fun Home (cute and poignant), a breathtaking performance from an actress from The Color Purple (WOW!!), and a nice performance from The King and I (beautiful, but not one of my favorite musicals).  When it was all said and done, I came away super excited about Hamilton (but that was the one show we KNEW was coming) and School of Rock (closing out the series in June, 2018), intrigued and looking forward to Fun Home, Something Rotten, The Humans and The Color Purple, and–eh–I’m sure I won’t hate going to see The Bodyguard or The King and I.  Eight shows in 2017-18 as part of the season ticket package (instead of the seven this season) plus the two optional add-ons: Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and the classic: Les Miserables.

Cinderella is somewhat special to me, believe it or not.  It was one of the first musicals I did in community “tween” theatre at about 13 years old.  (I played the wine steward and was a part of the general chorus.)  Fun show to do, all those years ago…  Les Miz, well, I have never actually seen performed live–so I’m intrigued to give it a try this time around.

The bottom line: still a good deal, but about 21 percent higher for the package than last season.  I imagine most of that is the addition of the eighth show, and a little extra for Hamilton and School of Rock.  Any hesitation here?  Umm, no.  I will be paying that invoice before the week is out.

The day started with emotional theatrics and ended with a couple awesome stage performances and a reveal of next season’s series.  Tomorrow is a busy day–work and then Roadrunners.  Wednesday and Thursday are movie nights: Wednesday for a special advanced screening of Ghost in the Shell and Thursday for a Fifth Element movie party.  Friday and Saturday night are the last two Roadrunner home games of the season…and maybe, just maybe–I can relax on Sunday…at least until the first pitch is thrown on Sunday evening in the MLB Season Opener: the Cubs visiting their arch-rivals (see what I did there?), the St. Louis Cardinals!  (Yes, lots of baseball thoughts coming soon…)

Good night everyone.
Good night Micah.
Good night Dad.
Good night Mom.