Like the tides,
Washing in and out from the ocean.
Beware the unseen undertow–
Sneaking up
Grabbing from below
Pulling you under before you can react.

The surface of my days seems calm.
There is only as much rush and chaos as I allow.
But something I sense–
A change in temperature
Slight tug at my heart.

Thoughts amassing at the base of my mind,
Not yet fully formed,
No defined shape–
Just a shadow,
Barely a glimpse,
But foreboding none the less.

The silhouette distracts.
Indecision slips in to intrude.
Things that were desired,
Now just wishes.
Things that were needed,
Utility is questioned.

In the distance sits a lifeguard–
Is he smiling?
He watches from his far outpost.
Always watching.
His form seems familiar–
Like that same shadow,
That same figure forming in my mind.

Fearful of the immediate future,
But calm knowing that the lifeguard watches
Prepares the way ahead.
His soul already rests,
But his heart is ever vigilant.