The whirlwind has engulfed every part of my being: physical, intellectual, emotional.  It has continued spinning for the past five weeks: preparing to move, moving, unpacking, settling… work, friends, family…  Frustration, elation, confusion.

And then, a glimpse of opportunity…

Vacation has ended.  It had its highlights: seeing Hamilton for the first time, paying another visit to Wrigley Field, spending a little quality time with my brother and a good friend.  It had its frustrations: the Cubs playing like they’re still in a sleepwalking haze after the postseason party from last November, a rough time for my family in Chicago, not eating the right things and paying a price.  Whatever it was, it is now over.  I do not have my next vacation day planned until mid-September, when Pete (and Elliot) and I meet up for a few relaxing days: the Second Annual Pete and David Meet Up in Vegas trip, with mutual friend Elliot joining us this go-round.

We actually left Chicago two days earlier than planned, which was okay–it just simply what we needed to do.  Being the kind of guy I am, I woke up the next morning and–immediately checked my work email.  I found a new motion on my big PitA case that felt like I urgently needed to respond to it.  No, I was not due to return to work for another three days, but into my office I went for a couple hours to lay the groundwork for my response brief.  After a stressful weekend of worrying about the brief, I returned to work and spent a solid day crafting the response, planning to file it yesterday morning.  Aaaand then, as I’m scrambling to get it filed, the Court of Appeals publishes its decision on related matters–in the process killing the brief I had stressed over filing.

Now, this wasn’t all bad.  The thing I was asking the Court to not order, well, it did not order anyhow.  Unfortunately, my client lost overall.  But, to finish off the not-that-bad sandwich, this closes the appellate book on this client for now, so I can return to addressing the other files in my caseload.  As I explained to my daughter, this is the Murphy’s Law of Lawyering: the harder you work, the more you stress about a case, the more likely the case is to get resolved before you have to actually throw down and fight.

Before I left on vacation, an old friend had reached out and asked if I would like to meet her for lunch.  We worked together a number of years ago, and we were always friendly, so of course I accepted.  Due to the last volley of work in the PitA case, I had to postpone our lunch to allow myself time to complete a different brief prior to leaving on my vacation.  I took a raincheck and we rescheduled lunch for this week.

As we rescheduled our lunch, my friend shared an interesting opportunity with me.  We discussed this a bit more at lunch, and I’m excited about where it could lead.  In a way, this could be one of those “coming full circle” moments, where I realize an old, packed-away dream.  I’m trying to not get too excited about the possibility, as it is just that: a possibility.  No promises.  No definite offer.  No contracts signed.  Just a door being nudged open…  More details about this if something comes of it (well, or if it’s foreclosed without anything happening).

Meanwhile, the struggle goes on.  It seems the more stressed I get, the more likely my brain is to conjure up images of Micah, the more frequently every number ends in 37, the more dour my mood becomes.

This past weekend, I decided that I still wanted to do something with local hockey (aside from my announcing gig with the Tucson Roadrunners).  I reached out to the Knights and let them know that I was interested in still scorekeeping/announcing about half of their homestands for the coming season.  It will be nice to be back around the rink a bit–and heading into the purchase of my new car this winter, the money won’t hurt either.

I also decided that I wanted to go watch a couple friends’ kids play hockey on Sunday afternoon.  It was nice for a while.  I got to catch up on what was happening around the rink, talk to a couple people I hadn’t spoken to in a while…but then the curtain fell–right on my heart.

You would think that, as time goes by, I would become more able to watch kids that Micah knew playing hockey on the ice.  In year two, it has actually become harder.  I drove by Micah’s high school last night and thought about the mornings when I would drop him off in front because he missed his bus.  I thought about watching him sing in the auditorium.  I thought about how there was no reason to enter the building any longer.

The second year is definitely harder than the first.

Last year, I grabbed the opportunity to become the Roadrunners PA announcer.  I grabbed the opportunity to buy the beautiful house that we now (finally!) live in.  I grabbed the opportunity to expand my social circle by becoming a regular at the Alamo Drafthouse and a member of its Film Club.  Those things, and my supportive family and friends helped me through.  Maybe this year it will be this new opportunity that helps me advance to the next level.